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Toy storage decals – 5 optional, small


Small toy storage symbols to mark toy boxes in a neat and cohesive style. Select the symbols you need in black, white, gold or silver.



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Toy symbols for all your toy boxes! Mark boxes and crates with a symbol that shows children and adults (!) where things should be stored before and after play!

The toy symbols are available in two different sizes and four different colors. In this package, you choose five motifs in the smaller size to suit your needs. They fit all boxes that have a smooth surface of about 7×7 cm that can be used for marking. All symbols have the same style and the decals are cut out in fine, matte vinyl that attaches with strong adhesion.

The dimensions of the different symbols vary slightly depending on what the symbol looks like. For example, the small toy car is lower and wider, while the teddy bear is taller and a little narrower. The line thickness is the same in all motifs and the largest dimension in the figure is about 6 cm.

All toy symbols can also be purchased separately if you want to supplement with something more now or later!

Do you miss any toy symbol?

If you need a symbol that is not yet present in the collection? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Most wishes can come true! It is of course preferable to have all your toy boxes tagged in a cohesive way! Send us an email or a DM on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what is on your wishlist!

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Black, White, Gold, Silver




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