Do you want to make the play kitchen Duktig more personal? Here you will find buttons for the microwave, knobs for the oven, decor for the oven doors and more. Details that make the kitchen more complete and the playing more fun! Choose the parts and colors that suits your makeover the best!

Lekköket Duktig med detaljer från Kulform
Ugnslucka Duktig
Griffeltavla, liten (14×22 cm)
Spishäll Duktig

Details tailored for the Duktig kitchen

Order among the kitchen accessories

When the amount of accessories for the toy kitchen increases, it can be fun to fix some nice storage for it all. If you want to label boxes and toy storage, there are several symbols related to the kitchen available here at Kulform: kitchen utensils, tea tableware, chef’s clothes, vegetables, fruit and ice cream!

Trofast-lådor med märkning för vilka leksaker som ska finnas var

Find your play kitchen

Are you looking for a Duktig play kitchen, you may of course find one at IKEA, but don’t forget to keep an eye at the used furniture market! Have a look at Blocket (Swedish site) or use Facebook marketplace and you might find something!



Are you looking for an alternative to the Duktig kitchen then maybe a makeover of a Kallax shelf could be something!? Check out the possibilities with Kallax!



A small stove or a refridgerator matching Duktig, can be made from Eket cabinets. Check out the alternatives for Eket!